Zoomed out? Snag a clubhouse invite.

We are sure you’ve “heard” of Clubhouse by now. If you haven’t joined, it might be because it’s just one more thing to download/keep up with/find time. We get it. After over 400 hours of webinars in the last year, we’ve learned:

  • Webinars and Zooms still feel daunting
  • It’s really difficult to breed collaboration
  • Technical issues continue to be a problem
  • They’re less produced than the in person meetings we are used to
  • There’s no quick way to moderate a large amount of attendees.

While we are still participating and speaking at webinars, there’s a fairly new conversation popping up that makes it easier for members of the travel industry to tap into what the industry thinks, rightthisminute.

Clubhouse is invitation only, but already, there’s an acceleration in clubs and talks for DMOs.

Unlike “webinars”, these largely unscripted conversations are democratized, like an open conference call with a polite “raise hand” feature.

These are not recorded, but live, in-the-moment convos with colleagues around the world. DMO clubs and events are accelerating at a rapid pace, presumably due to the ease of use and quick jump in/jump out options.

A few tips:

  • When you join a room, no one can see or hear you.
  • To join or ask a question, click on the waving hand, and the moderator will bring you on stage.
  • Muting and unmuting quickly is how people applaud what you are saying.
  • Make sure to takes notes on what you like, Clubhouse rooms cannot be recorded as of yet.

Our leadership team is active in Clubhouse:



Follow us for the unscripted conversations and ideas that can’t be bottled. Jump in, raise your hand, or just listen as the conversation unfolds with our industry pals.