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What pausing advertising could cost your destination.

Does it make cents? Not spending budget out of a wait and see scenario can actually cost more in long term travel impact.

Here’s just a few reasons to spend that ad budget in a responsible way, right now:

  • Digital advertising costs are currently under market value. You can afford more than you think with smart targeting and narrative advertising.
  • Not marketing a safety campaign or neglecting to remind the visitor or meeting planner why your destination is the right choice erodes consideration.
  • To wait and run advertising when everyone else gets back in will inflate costs and possibly reduce the impact on future campaigns.
  • People still need a mental vacation. Putting media dollars behind virtual experiences and unique tours will retain or accelerate the desirability (they go there in the mind before visiting in person)
  • Your small businesses need a boost to survive right now. Advertising helps fortify the locations that make your destination unique. We can’t afford a change in destination assets, which will ultimately affect the collective brand.

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