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What is your role in the destination? A perspective for stakeholders.

For destinations large and small, there is a “final frontier” ahead: building your stakeholders’ business. For stakeholders (hotels, attractions, venues, restaurants, shops), it’s a bit more complicated to hone in on how they can leverage the DMO’s marketing efforts. Often left to “spray and pray” co-op, stakeholders have a bigger opportunity than they realize. It starts with a simple question with complicated answers:

“What’s your role in the destination?”

It’s tempting to say “this is where visitors stay/meet/eat/play”, but that leaves you open to agnostic and weak positioning. Dig in further to uncover your unique place/persona in the destination overall.


First, Master your message:

Why is my travel business better than the competition?

How does my travel business make the destination experience better?

What is the ultimate benefit I want travelers/meeting planners to gain?

Who, exactly, should care about my brand?

What do I want to convey?


Find your Tribe:

What pain are they escaping or what vision of themselves do they have we can fulfill?

What’s the culture we own (not being everything to everyone)?

Where does our tribe live (think habitual characteristics in lieu of demo/geo)?

How can we provide value before the booking?

How do we earn the right to ask for a sale?

What collaborators can I bring in?

Matching up with the destination.

Now you better know who you are and what you need to convey about your role in the destination, you can better align your marketing with theirs. You know exactly who you are in the marketplace, and this makes it easier for the DMO to collaborate and present you in their overall marketing to visitors. Your goal should be to get to a very easy to carry hallmark:

“We are the XYZ destination adventure people.”

“We are the most popular wedding venue.”

“We are the hot spot for up-and-coming millennial visitors.”

“We are the most popular Instagram spot.”

You get the gist, your position in the destination story drives demand and strengthens your business, the destination and the experience of the visitor.

For a live exercise with the DI team to find your role, email us for a consult.

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