Welcome to our GLOW UP!

More is not always “more” of a good thing. Over the years, our team has produced some incredible pieces of content for our industry. These unprecedented times have thrust change on our industry in a way that makes everything that has ever been deemed “best practice” completely obsolete.

Today’s best practice is singular. It’s immutable. Change, it is a’ comin’.

This is where we shine. It’s a core competency .. that change. In a year of “pivots”, we step up in a hyper-responsive way, never sacrificing good strategy or the nimble nature of our commitment culture.

Welcome to our Glow Up.

In this era of Destination Innovate, we know why the rearview mirror is smaller than the windshield. We aren’t going backward. We are forging forward in fresh ways with rightthisminute moves that tap into what we do best: bring our expertise, our deep commitment, and our ability to solve complex problems for every client, every time.

What are we taking with us on this fantastic journey? Our decades of experience. Our inability to put up with vendors who overcharge and under deliver. Our uncanny knack for calling bullsh*t. And not being afraid to say it out loud.

In a sea of marketing “factories”, we know that what makes us different is the only thing that matters in the future of destination marketing.

We don’t think out of the box. Because we don’t see a box.

Created by Jennifer Barbee and Kristen Cruz, well known as “rebels with a cause” in the destination marketing space. We continue on in our new era of unapologetic love for the best interest, most financially responsible and killer moves for our people from our virtual offices.

Don’t believe we can be so star-spangled awesome? Challenge us. Bring your toughest problem, your biggest worry, that idea that doesn’t seem to work in today’s environment. Catch us on zoom. You bring the coffee, we will bring our best. The catch? You will be our “person”, our friend, and we will never “sell” you. That’s a JB and KC promise. Working with us is entirely voluntary.