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Top Scary facts for DMOs

It’s Halloween ya’ll! And we know our DMO friends are tough as nails. Know what’s scarier than goulies and ghosties and long-legged beasties?!? Literally everything 👻facing 👻DMOs👻 today:

  • Shifting from destination marketing to destination management means dealing with issues and problems most leaders and their teams weren’t trained for.
  • After 100+ months of record tourism, all the facts point to softening demand in 2020.
  • Real ID is set to cause real problems for all fly-market destinations and their meeting planners.
  • Paying for programs like sustainability and community improvement tax already stretched budgets.
  • Perceptions of DMOs with residents in the community are worse than most think.
  • The leisure traveler has permanently changed and destinations struggle to keep up.
  • The meeting and event planners are not where you think they are anymore.
  • Facebook Groups have been a blessing and a curse, but many don’t know why or use them at all.
  • Insanely inflated vendor advertising and media costs mean ROI is almost impossible.
  • Staffing to meet the growing needs of marketing, including local marketing that’s largely absent.
  • Partners and stakeholders are not aligned with helping CVBs and expectations of what the DMO does for them is often a major issue.
  • Boards don’t have access to industry information or how to really support the DMO in their roles.
  • OTAs sell advertising to DMOs while simultaneously competing against them in advertising.
  • Hotels are aging and the rise of the experience travel economy demands they catch up faster.
  • Spontaneous Tourism is taxed and shrinking due to overtourism and DMOs are missing the opportunity to woo them in shoulder seasons.
  • Shall I go on….?

While your DMO may be experiencing all or none of these issues right this minute, the trends point to having to deal with all of them at some point. Consultants can create a strategic plan and that’s all great. But, our advice is to employ a partner long-term to mitigate and fortify your DMO. And, of course that’s our advice because, hey, that’s what we do. See, transparency right from the start. 😉

Let’s have a not-so-scary chat about the opportunities in your destination.

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