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The new normal for Destination Marketing Organizations.

As I’m writing this, my children are home and Sundays are special family days. But, I know taking care of my family means taking care of my industry.

It feels like the world has abandoned the destination marketing and travel industry. What do we do when travel is a risk to lives and livelihoods? We band together with the bright minds and innovators and use this time productively redevelop how we market, how we protect jobs and how DMOs are funded. We are resilient as we faced and overcome many serious crises over the decades. But, nothing like this.

Everything that has ever been written about destination marketing is now obsolete.

We have the opportunity to innovate, to rewrite the playbook. If we handle this right, we will look back and think we overreacted. That’s how we will know we are successful in our society.

And you should know:

  • Laughter has not been cancelled.
  • Love has not been cancelled.
  • Empathy has not been cancelled.
  • Innovation has not been cancelled.

I and my colleagues are taking in updates, advice from professionals and literally formulating new strategies on the hour.

It’s not as simple as shifting to the drive market, this is a global shift in the future of our business.

I am compelled to join the conversation and freely share education and information.

To that end, our private Facebook group will serve as a haven and hub for the road to recovery and real-time strategies based on our experience and new innovations that can be applied to your destination.

I hope you will join me and rebuild our tribe stronger than ever.

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