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We are just built that way.  Maybe it’s our southern roots, where sports are religion.  Maybe it’s our David vs Goliath DNA.  Whatever it is, we swim in it.  We leave things better than what we found.  If you would like specific client case studies, contact us.  Below are examples of agnostic impact.  We don’t reveal client names on our website, because we know that half of you are competitors looking to poach.  Move along, Karen.

The Impact of working with DI execs:

We beat the pants off their competition. 

How does a 4,463% increase sound?  Not as sweet as beating every single city in the state and the state itself which has 100 times more budget than this Florida destination client.  How did we do it?  We took risks, we dated their potential customers, we played with them, we woo’d them, we bought them chocolates (ok, that last part isn’t true .. but we would have!)

Thousands of leads in one month. 

We were social selling before social selling was cool. (If you didn’t read that and sing Barbara Mandrell, try again)  This B2B service company launched under a new brand.  DI took this opportunity to employ social selling lead ads before any of their competition.  The results were blowing up the lead funnel with thousands of requests for quotes.

4X Campaign Impact. 

Improvement is the name of the game, amiright?  Proving that digital marketing factories “set it and forget it”, a concentrated campaign strategy for this Virginia travel client yielded 59% more engagement than the national average and increased heads in beds in new feeder markets.  We made the city personal to the visitor, we made it a bucket list item and we made it so good they couldn’t ignore us.  Over the life-cycle of working with DI execs, new advertising strategies, microsites and response mechanisms were deployed, spurring the client to say we are an indispensable partner.

Personalization FTW. 

The first personality-driven travel website was created by Barbee and Cruz, DI’s executives. The site served personal recommendations with an early AI model that evolved via learned behavior.  No one had even attempted to do this at the time.  Calculated risks paid off, with this Florida destination receiving a 9% lift in shoulder season visitation.  Bonus points for 300,000 subscribers in the first 60 days.

Here’s what they say:

“I am confident in saying they don’t study the trends, they create them.”

“The Harvard of Internet and Travel.”

“Their expert staff brings creativity, innovation and results.”

“Changed the way we look at interactive strategies.”

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