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What you are doing right now is getting the job done, we’re sure of it.  But, like all marketers, there’s always that constant little nagging feeling that something is missing…Are they having fun without me? Did I leave the iron on? Our personal worried brain translates to our business. Am I getting an agnostic view of the programs in my budget? Is my tech marketing platform optimized to increase bookings?

Let us soothe your worried mind.

We’ve been conducting destination digital and advertising assessments since 2004. Let’s just say, we’ve seen it all. 😉 But that word and others like audit just sound so threatening and negative.

Here’s our promise. We won’t come into your house bashing around, criticizing you and your vendors. Instead, we do a FOMO check for you. Concentrating on matching your goals with untapped opportunities. We won’t tell you that your website looks fat in those pants, because we have love for every program at every level. All web programs are beautiful.

A digital assessment from Jennifer Barbee, Kristen Cruz and our team blends 20+ years’ experience in digital marketing for multiple industries and tools that yield empirical data. A discovery call allows us to weigh the most important KPIs, challenges and wishes. We diagram the “needs” to the reality and hand craft understandable strategies to close any gaps. Where the client is outperforming their goals, they get a purview into future maneuvers and probability outcomes.

Here’s How is Goes

  • Step 1 – Discovery
    • IRL or via phone, our CEO and President (yes, you deserve the best!) have a heart-to-heart with you and your team to ascertain what’s killing it in marketing and areas of concern. Guided through our questions developed from so. many. years. experience., the initial call gives your business more value instantaneously, before we even begin!
  • AI Tools
    • Cultivated AI tools bring about an incredible amount of data to get a pulse on:
      • Website conversion performance
      • Traffic evaluation and comparisons
      • Ranking, Market share, Competitors
      • Digital Ad Performance
      • Facebook and Social Ad Performance
        • Competitors ads and comparisons
      • PPC and competitor data on keywords, display and bidding
  • Human Re-eval
    • Data tells what, not why.
      • This is where launching thousands of websites, spending decades in data analysis and hundreds of millions in ad spend allows us to intuitively put the right “color” on why something is or isn’t happening in digital marketing for you.
  • Possible Outcomes
    • Once we have a clear picture of personas and performance compared to goals, we build data-backed predictive models with enhanced strategy.
  • Your Roadmap to Rad
    • A complete book (so cool you’ll want to put it on your coffee table) is developed with all of the above in a way that will inspire you and the team to love your next move.
      • Data tables and raw digital material are also delivered for convenience.

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