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We all want to be at the tip top of our game in marketing and advertising. Stepping back a beat and taking a strategic look at things is a covetous luxury in a world where every. damn. thing. moves so fast and is due yesterday. Sometimes good intuition is all we have time for. There are some key shifts and strategies that will help your marketing department, agency, etc see forward without having to stop the ship.

Advertising Philosophies

All marketing is a “rented” moment in time. 

There’s the “paid, owned, earned” drum that has beating since John Wanamaker placed the first “ad” in 1879. Fast forward a “few” years, organic marketing, building websites and SEO became the new owned and earned properties. Coveted above all other types of attention, the guise of building something online with no ad budget was a testament to the “real marketers”. Here, have some truth: that was wrong then, it is wrong now. You don’t own your social followers, you don’t own your subscribers, you don’t even own your website. You never stop paying for these things today, if you want to keep up. Chase attention at a moment in time. Open your understanding — this is a 100 year lease, and the cost of marketing meaningfully only goes one way, that is up. Focus instead on under priced attention and true ROI. Unless you are an eCommerce biz, the business of ROI lies in the eye of the beholder. Be artful about what your return is in marketing, don’t over value a milisecond view and undervalue a new follower. Day-trade attention, and be unemotional about where that is. Gary Vaynerchuck is the master and architect of this philosophy (and why you can’t be on the internet without seeing his videos, podcasts and crusade of cutting out the BS in our industry). What is not rented is *how* you tell your story, *how* you build relationships with potential customers. Focus on the storytelling and pay for exposure. It’s OK and it’s the way of our world.

Market to the year you are in. 

We estimate about 70-80% of the organizations we talk to are still in “catch up” mode when it comes to modern marketing. They’ve never done inbound, demand gen, dynamic persona building, etc. Now they realize their competitors are doing it and they have to rush to implement strategies that have a very long head start. Catching up is near impossible with a responsible marketing budget. Not to say, that it’s not important to layer in what you are missing. But, be prepared to increase spend and fully work out how those strategies improve your business. Also, be careful of vanity trend buying. Programmatic may not be a proper strategy for you, and the AI behind it is still in an infantile stage. If you do not understand it’s current capabilities fully, stay away from “spray and pray” approach. When we say market the year you are in, we mean the social trends. What are people watching, wearing, saying, acting, doing? We start with modern messaging, then match modern media for the most of your company’s influence.

You can’t ride two horses with one ass.

It’s natural to try and do everything in marketing. The options multiply at the speed of the internet. A successful program will limit the strategies so that they are done fully and to the potential of the medium. It’s better to do 3 things well than 20 things half-assed. This is a challenge when your boss saw something someone else is doing and then say “we should do that”. We help you resist the urge to chase variances from your core maneuvers. Have one main strategy, 3-5 main maneuvers and ride those suckers like Sea Biscuit. You’ll have stronger return and a cleaner message to the marketplace.

Great advertising strategy is difficult to copy. 

“Increase leads” or “Increase customers” is not a strategy. Hell, it can be argued that it’s not even a proper goal. Great strategy is difficult to copy because it’s an artful and science driven view of realities and goals. We especially say this because it is contrary to copying your competition. We can’t illustrate “how” you can do this, because it’s more of an answer to “why”. And, you either have great advertising strategy in your team, your partners .. or you don’t.

We help you chase the proper attention.  The right audience, the right message, the right time.

1. Evaluation

Using our cultivated AI suite of tools, DI builds a true picture and landscape of your current advertising practices and impact.  This is not a “scan the internet, millisecond view” and regurgitate a meaningless report.  Lean learnings are gleaned with a mix of AI and veteran media professionals to give you the truest picture of impact, market-share and what your competition is doing in advertising.

2.  POV

Once the evaluation portion is complete, DI crafts a POV (Point of View) for opportunities.  From spend to placements, we create a prediction model based on sound strategy and analysis.  This is where your advertising vision is fleshed out to an absolute certainty based on current market pricing, algorythms and attention.

3.  Creative

We love the big idea.  We are magnificently obsessed with creative visual and compelling advertising, backed by sound business practices and goals.  In this service, the only thing that matters is your customer.  We get in their skin, we predict their reactions, we know how and when and why they are going to respond to your advertising.

4.  Deploy

What can we say, flawless execution is our thing, baby.  Once deployed, your advertising manager has one crusade:  Victory on each and every ad.

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