Trends, tips and the occasional rant.



It’s been long known that the ad agency has struggled in its campaign to “keep up”, bouncing from buzzword to billable hour, the AOR is a B-O-R-E. Why keep doing the same thing and expecting a Don Draper come back? The world is connected, self-serve and a slave to hiring cheap, young talent who knows “how” but not “why”.


We didn’t come to build a better mousetrap.

We came to blow up the mousetrap.


Free the enslavement of agency clients and redesign how best to serve them.

Unlike an Ad Agency we aren't:


Chained to an office.

Work is something you do, not somewhere you go. Get things done and make it matter.


A blind slave to bullshit data.

Informed data is a concept misunderstood by the current agency world. Data tells you that a millisecond view by an online bot is a reliable measure. Informed data gives us insights to humans and personality.


Lacking in imagination and hutzpah.

Somewhere along the way, agencies stopped rewarding imagination, fearlessness and trying new things.


Benchmarking by mediocrity.

We have been in the business long enough not to be slaves to whatever Google or Facebook say, a low barrier of entry, and frankly, just “me too” meh. Google and Facebook are tools, we use them, they don’t use us.