Parler Peril; The impact of a potential mass exit from Facebook to Destination Marketing Organizations

No doubt, you all know how election years impact tourism and meeting marketing. This year – as if 2020 hasn’t brought us enough opportunity for hyper-responsive pivots – brings a “Who moved my cheese?” alarm in social media marketing.

Just as Destination Marketing Organizations are fully realizing the benefit of Facebook marketing and low cost of advertising, a mass exit of Facebook to Parler is expected on Friday, November the 13th. Politics aside, over 2 million new Parler accounts were created this week, as Parler does not fact-check any user posts. The trend ofnew, competing social media platforms to lure disgruntled users from the mainstream social giant has been a trend rising in the last few years. But, now destinations have to ask themselves (and quickly, too):

What in the hell is happening and how does my destination change strategy?

The GOOD news is Facebook is still a very, very viable marketing tool. No need to jump ship. The OTHER good news is there is a little social platform called Pinterest, that is your destination’s secret weapon and with ad rates as low as $0.10 CPC, it’s darn near impossible not to create a specific strategy. Pinterest remains the dreaming and planning platform – the HAPPY PLACE – void of conflict for the most part.

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