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Is your brand a painkiller or a vitamin? 5 questions to find out.

Start-up environments often talk about this theory. It’s a great way to put your destination, business or product to the test. Considering the latest news that over 1/2 of Americans took NO VACATION over the summer (me included, hint-hint Paris;)), it’s more important than ever to stand out as a disruptor of thoughts and plans. As the title suggests, it may come down to how you’re viewed.

Remember your last toothache? I’ve had 4 children and I’d rather have a 5th sideways over a toothache. Ouch! Notice the feeling you have when you’re in pain. You’d do just about anything to relieve it right?!? Whether you prefer homeopathic methods or go straight for the Vicodin cocktail, you NEED a pain killer.

Now, tell me the last time you bought vitamins. Hush up wellness freaks-this part is not for you. :-P. The theory goes, you are less likely to feel pressed to buy vitamins that may avoid problems. But, if in pain, will definitely get that painkiller. Be a painkiller.

  1. Painkiller brands promise relief, and deliver in short doses.
  2. Painkiller brands are more valuable than the cash spent. You don’t have to be cheap, please don’t be. But, the visitor needs to leave feeling they should have paid twice as much for what they got.
  3. Painkiller brands relieve a specific need. Stress relief is the obvious relief spin for travel (if it’s only stress relief, sell that s*** like they’ll never have another problem), try and be more specific if you can. Americans thrive on stress as a badge of honor.
  4. Painkiller brands are ON TIME. Stop forcing un-targeted visitors to come Wed night to your limited service property when they have a job. Fish where AND when the fish are.
  5. Painkiller brands become staples to their buyers. If you and I were friends and I told you I had a migraine, chances are you would have a brand suggestion. We are loyal to our painkillers. We tell our friends and families when they are in need.

If the dog doesn’t like the dog food, the packaging doesn’t matter. Cultivate your travel business as a true painkiller. This does threaten the “we are for everyone” milk toast brands. But, wouldn’t you rather increase your conversions instead of useless impressions?

When running your next campaign, run an A/B strat with one very specific pain-relieving message and let me know how that performs. Then add me on your speed dial the next time you find yourself in need of a little pain relief.

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