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Is spontaneous tourism dying? A little tool with powerful impact for destinations.

In a piece posted today by CNN, overtourism is discussed as a real issue. Those of us in the industry already know the impact of overtourism and are working diligently to mitigate the impact and offer all visitors a wonderful experience.

Spontaneous tourism is not dying and it’s more a matter of marketing to potential tourists in an educational format about shoulder seasons and the best “insider tips.” With all indications that tourism will soften in 2020 (and always softens in election years), spontaneous tourists can be our saving grace. As more destinations, hotels and retail focus on unique experiences, it opens up great opportunities for travelers to rediscover a place in new ways. How you position yourself as a “bucket list” choice will assist in an already compressed attention economy.

  • CVBs and DMOs should consider accelerating permission marketing in new ways and position themselves as “trusted friends” to the traveler.
  • 2020 is the year of flawless chatbots and DM marketing.
  • “In the moment marketing” will usher in spontaneous tourism right when you need it.
  • It builds a real-time interaction with travelers without having to staff up so heavily.

I’m shocked in 2019 how many DMOs have not taken advantage of this trend. It’s rampant in eCommerce and news outlets. Our favorite provider of this service is Mobile Monkey. A pioneer in Facebook Messenger Marketing, you just want to make sure that whoever builds the chatbots is entertaining and incredibly knowledgeable.

  • Messenger marketing is your virtual visitors center.
  • It can foster pre-booked and spontaneous tourism right when you need it most.
  • Email marketing is still an important aspect of your marketing arsenal, but if you haven’t perfected that by now ..it’s time to get it right.

It’s more than a jungle out there folks, it’s a 24/7 marketing machine with millions of competing messages. Fortify your marketing strategy for 2020 by getting with the program. 😉

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