Here comes the BOOM.

Inspired by Longwood International’s Traveler Sentiment and the expected surge in planning. We want to know, are you ready?

Let us set the stage: The battleground is leisure.

Oh, happy day! The pent up demand has turned to intention. But, though we are all ready for that leisure traveler and small groups to fill the unforgiving pandemic void, it is not business as usual, yet.

Here are some things to consider:

  • Bucket list destinations have a natural advantage.
    • After a year of not traveling (or not traveling much), travelers are going to naturally want to experience destinations they may not have been able to visit (or afford) pre-pandemic.
  • A flood of advertising is on the horizon.
    • You can be outspent, but can you be out-maneuvered? How you approach every dollar spent and every message crafted will determine your market share (or lack thereof).
  • Safety is here to stay.
    • The long-haul traveler is warming up to return. This persona will be more concerned with safety than your close drive market.
  • The competitive set will shift dramatically.
    • In the near-term, you have to ask yourself – How do I compete with Hawaii, Miami, Bermuda? Your neighbor will be asking themselves this too.

There are many more factors to consider and prepare for your destination. But these main ones are critical to good strategy. And remember, good strategy is difficult to copy.

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