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Destination: Pivot! A checklist for your local businesses

So many great examples of destinations shifting in their marketing. But, lock in for a whole long road of changing on a dime. We feel that the 2020 word of the year should be “pivot.”

First, I want to salute you. It’s rough out there. It’s heartbreaking to say goodbye to colleagues. It’s an incredible feat that you are managing to still rally for your partners and community while no doubt dealing with your own fear and worries. If you haven’t heard it. THANK YOU. From the bottom of my heart to the industry that raised me. <3

The current pivot while we wait on our amazing visitors and meetings to return is focusing on local businesses reopening and staycations, where it is possible. For those local businesses reopening, it can be a daunting task, here are some things they need to do – please feel free to share or recreate for your destination.


Confirm with your local government if your business is authorized to open and the state and local guidelines are put into place.


Decide what policies and safety procedures your staff will need to follow.

Identify employees to bring on board.

Confirm that they are healthy and available to work.

Have daily huddles that reinforce policies and safety.

Post signs in employee areas reminding them of the procedures. Consider doing this for your customer’s piece of mind, as well.


  • Make sure your website is updated with current hours and guidelines for customers.
    • Consider stressing what your business is doing to ensure employee safety.
  • Make certain that your Google My Business listing has updated hours and information for customers.
  • Stress your commitment to ensure your facility is safe to return to and the measures that have been put in place.
  • List any online shopping or virtual services.
  • If you use any outside by appointment services, double check that you are sending the customer to your location.
  • Keep your social media channels up to date with all information.
  • Let past customers know you are open, what you’ve been up to and why they should come back.
  • If you are sharing photos on social media, make sure the photos represent the safety of customers and staff (ie: sanitizer, distancing, masks/gloves if appropriate)
  • Keep your local tourism and city offices informed about your business and any promotions.

These are some of the many ways necessary to assure your partners and stakeholders are on the right track in pivoting brand strategy.

You are not in this alone. Destination Innovate prides itself to be a source of alleviation for strategic marketing difficultly.

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