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DMO Relevancy: How to Win When the SHIFT Hits the Fan.

After so many phone calls and requests for more DMO coaching, we have developed a program exclusively with our CEO, Jennifer Barbee, who is well-known in the DMO Industry for her laser-focus and impactful strategy.


“I’m confident in saying Jennifer Barbee doesn’t study the trends.  She creates them”
~Melvin Tennant, CEO, Meet Minneapolis




To have a significant impact on your DMO’s success, your DMO needs to have an operationalized approach to industry protection and the ability to have sustained marketing and communications about that success.  However, in today’s increasing marketing maneuvers, DMOs find themselves reacting instead of solid business planning on relevancy.  This leads to a witch hunt of DMOs, 6 have been shuttered, defunded or threatened in just the last 60 days.

Theories, politicking and incitements to properly communicate your impact to the destination aren’t going to make a difference.  We need proactive, prescriptive planning that supports every DMO team member and vendor to make a difference that is irrefutable.


Threats abound in the fragile DMO industry. Learn how to take a preemptive strike during this 40 min webinar covering threats, planning and the Predictive DMORP model.


This is a top-notch program that provides an interactive experience and leaves DMO participants with a clear DMORP (DMO Relevancy Plan) that can be implemented, operationalized and maintained.

In this elite program running 90 days at a time for the advancement and protection of DMOs, there’s an opportunity for DMOs to get direct coaching, exclusive tools and content from our CEO to build a DMORP.

Key Components:

  • Kick-off meeting with JB to build a DMORP needs profile
  • Private monthly webinar for members only with guided exercises
  • Ongoing exclusive content, tools and plan assistance
  • One virtual stakeholder workshop focused on community improvement per quarter (in-person available for additional fee)
  • One monthly hour agenda-set prescriptive consult with JB
  • Limited email access
  • Private group peer circles


Because this program is a very hands-on, surgical experience, we have LIMITED CAPACITY.


Book Now or Start a Conversation: jbarbee@destinationinnovate.com 

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