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Light a Fire in Your Stakeholders

Tourism is a Complex Social System.

Turn Your Stakeholders Into Brand Ambassadors

DMOs have an incredible responsibility in marketing the destination to a varied, multifaceted buying audience. Moreover, they are tasked with representing each stakeholder, from the local coffee shop to the major attraction.  Facing unsurmountable odds, you must admit, DMOs prove not all superheroes wear capes.

We Introduce You to Destination AMP CAMP

Every AMP CAMP is designed with customization in mind.  Our team cultivates the camp in relation to the DMO’s needs, the stakeholder challenges and other factors to make it a totally unique experience.  Whatever your destination brand or active campaign, the goal is to integrate this into the sessions so that each stakeholder understands how to utilize the DMO message in their own marketing and extend the brand footprint.  Camps can be developed for 1-3 days.  Typically, a 3-day camp would run:


An intense workshop in communication, business differentiator exercises, finding and sourcing the right audience to increase conversions. Includes interactive sessions with attendees to coach attendees through the creative process that top ad agencies have employed for decades. The focus on this session is to get the “Why” for participants and foster productive creativity to attract travelers to their business and the destination. Owned, earned, and paid media types are laid out in preparation for strategies and tactics.


A deep dive into getting non-paid exposure through advanced media practices and proper modern PR. Includes how to write pitches that win every time, practices to own social media channels and by what method we have created viral components for clients. Includes creative writing workshop on Narrative Psychology and NLPP ad copy. Including the visitor into the story is tricky for some, here, we demystify this process.


100% paid media, buying tricks. Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, programmatic, and remarketing practices. Proper bidding, budgeting, and owning a niche. Includes tricks to avoid wasting money, using algorithms properly, pivoting from a non-performing ad group and access to remnant inventory at reduced rates. Regardless of ad budget, we provide the tools for your stakeholders to see a 300% increase in any ad spend.


The real question on any event, is what’s the return?  We know the soft results of coaching stakeholders and imparting long-protected agency secrets is tremendous.  But, you still should consider whether this is right for your destination.  Destination Innovate will be happy to conduct a survey to your stakeholders to ascertain desire and need, for free.  Yeah, free. 🙂

Who puts this on, who’s speaking at the camp?

Only the best for our DMO friends:

  • Jennifer Barbee, an agency veteran and destination marketing staple for 20+ years, who believes proprietary is a dirty word.  JB has been called “The Harvard of Internet and Travel” and has worked with hundreds of DMOs and stakeholders in creating pioneering and results-oriented marketing.  She is a member of the Forbes Agency Council, a Stevie Female Entrepreneur of the Year – Advertising/Media/PR, #17 on the top 100 Moms in Business by Start-Up Nation and a praised speaker in the tourism industry. On the camp staff, Barbee brings in her most trusted and decorated co-workers to handle different sessions in their specialty area.  All staff is Google, Facebook Blueprint, and Digital Marketer certified with at least 10 years in experience.
  • Industry Experts:  Google, Facebook and SnapChat will hold sessions in relation to their platforms and how stakeholders can use the platforms to attract more travelers.
  • Mystery Guests:  Ok, not really a mystery .. but that sounds intriguing, right?  On the launch of your AMP CAMP strategy session, we will ferret out if experts from other areas are of benefit to your goals.

For the camp promotional deck, click here.


If we’ve met you know we rage against “proprietary” marketing and media secrets bull.  If you know something, it’s your duty to share it!  I’ve spent 20+ years killing it in digital marketing and DMOs.  I want your destination to learn ever-y-thing that our team has.

Destination AmpCamp is a customizable program we have developed to come in and train your stakeholders “boot-camp” style in concert with the DMO brand and market strategy.



Your smallest stakeholder, Joe’s Coffee shop, is a powerful destination marketing tool because Joe knows:

  • How to hack the social algorithm and get more engagement.
  • How to create custom audiences and experience journeys with a minimum spend in advertising.
  • How to rely on and compliment the DMO marketing strategy.
  • Enough to be Google certified in his own right.
  • How to be a programmatic powerhouse.
  • Exactly what maneuvers yield traveler business.

Until the smallest stakeholder business has the ability, tools and access to market as effectively as the DMO, itself, tourism marketing will not be truly transformed to modern media.

We have a limited number of openings for AMP CAMPS in 2019.  So, let’s talk fast.

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