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Hurricane Harvey. DI steps up to help.

In the wake of one of the nation’s most severe disasters, our hearts go out to our fellow Texans. We are also aware of all the businesses affected. The untold story of this devastation. No doubt, that tough Texas tenacity has business leaders chanting, “We will rebuild”. And, we know you will. And, we want to help.

As marketers who have been in the thick of many crisis situations from 9/11 to Katrina to oil spills with clients, Destination Innovate is uniquely qualified to assist in marketing support for these businesses.

We are proudly announcing that Destination Innovate is donating a total of $1 million dollars toward business strategy, marketing and support for businesses affected and facing an uncertain future, gratis. We will not profit from your loss. We will rejoice in your success. We will rally your war cry, grow your influence and rebuild your brand value.

That business owner deserves to know he can still pay for his child’s college.

That employee deserves to know he still has a steady job.

That customer should know they can still count on you.

When your unimaginable worry turns to real business threats, we will be there. When the tides roll back, we will be there. Using our decades of marketing prowess, you have our team’s unbridled support and expertise.

Affected businesses should email for a full free assessment and acceleration plan.